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FUTURE CONTINOUS TENSE – (BY : Husnil Khatimah – Manajemen Dualdegree UNP & UUM)

on March 20, 2011

Future Continuous Tense
We mainly use the Future Continuous to indicate that we will be in the middle of doing something in a specified time in the future.

Formula for Future Continuous Tense
Positif: S + will/shall + be + Ving
Ex : Tomorrow at this time, I will be taking my English Langauge exam.

Negatif: S + will/shall not + be + Ving
Ex :Ben won’t be eating the dinner now. He usually eats it around noon.!

Interrogative: Will/shall + S + be + Ving
Ex : Will you be coming to the party tonight?

For general desribe :
Myfriend called me and She said that She will come to my house at 9 o’clock tomorrow. But I have a schedule at that time. And I said “I will be swimming at 9 tomorrow, You may not meet me at home”. The underline words are The future Continuous.

When we use it ??
USE 1: Future actions in progress
The first use of the Future Continuous is to express future action in progress. Examples: In an hour, I will be sitting in front of my TV.
USE 2: Guesses
Use this tense also to make guesses about something in the present or future. Examples: He won’t be coming any time soon. He is still at the office.
USE 3: Questions
Use of the tense is to make polite questions about something or somebody. Examples: Will you be coming home before or after 10 p.m.?

Important: The Future Continuous appears in two forms: “will” form and “going to” form which can be used interchangably.
It is same with the future tense too.
For example : “She will be dancing” means “she is going to be dancing”

By four
By the end of this week
By next Sunday/month/year
Next week/month/year
This evening


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