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FUTURE TENSE – (BY : Husnil Khatimah – Manajemen Dualdegree UNP & UUM)

on March 20, 2011

Future Tense
Future Tense atau Simple Future is used in many situations such as when making promises or predictions. It can be used for something will occur.
It Uses :
Examples: I promise I will buy you this toy.
Unplanned actions (spontaneous decisions)
Examples: Don’t worry! I will help you with this problem.
Predictions based on experience or intuition
Examples: It will rain in a moment.
Habits (obstinate insistence, usually habitual)
Examples: He will always make noise when we are sleeping.

Formula Future Tense
Positif: S + will + V1
Negatif: S + will + not + V1
Interrogative: Will + S + V1
*The word “Shall” seldom use in the sentence. Shall can use for Subjects : “I” dan “We” (I shall…, We shall….) . But people often use “Will”. Will can use for Subjects: HE, SHE, IT, YOU, THEY, WE.

Example for Positif sentence:-I will study-You will swim-They will visit Tokyo
Example for Negatif sentence-I will not study-You will not swim-They will not visit Tokyo
Example for interrogative sentence-Will You study?-Will You swim?-Will They visit Tokyo?

Going to
You can also use “going to” to express future. We use it to express predictions based on observing the present situation:
“It’s going to rain. Look at the clouds!”
(+) : S + tobe + going to + infinitive
“He isn’t going to jakarta next week”
(-) : S + tobe + not + going to + infinitive
“are we going to go shopping this evening?”
(?) : Tobe + S + going to + infinitive

Tomorrow morning/afternoon/night
Next week/year/Sunday/month
The day after tomorrow
This morning/afternoon/weekend
Two days later


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